RVS reisbeker Ask not ... SS261
  • RVS reisbeker Ask not ... SS261
  • RVS reisbeker Ask not ... SS261

RVS reisbeker Ask not ...

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(€ 14,83 stuk)

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RVS reisbeker met aan beide kanten tekst. Kant 1: Ask not what your fabric can do for you ... but what you can do with such great fabric. Kant 2: What can I do with my fabric? Fabric, like paint and canvas, is my artistic medium. With it, not only can I paint the masterpiece I've dreamed of but also tell the story stitched within my heart as well. The work of my hands becomes a work of my heart and will tell my story for generations to come. In my hands, fabric is so much more than cloth ... it is an extension of my creative soul. Van ontwerper Suzy Toronto. 16 oz./45 cl. Roestvrijstalen reisbeker met schroefdeksel, duurzaam, schuifvergrendeling om morsen te voorkomen, dubbelwandig geïsoleerd.

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