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Loft Luna Wool 160WW9616


Tussenvulling 100% wol van 244 cm breed

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Tussenvulling van Moda van 100% wol van 244 cm breed

Tuscany Wool is a favorite choice for both hand and machine quilters. The loft and resilience inherent to the wool fibers allow quilting designs to show off to great advantage.

This Tuscany batt is made with the very finest superwashed wool that is carded and resin bonded to retard bearding. The superwash process successfully smooths the scales on wool fibers. This makes the wool pleasant to the touch and less likely to shrink. The natural fiber breathes, allowing excess heat to disperse away from the body. The tiny fibers trap air which creates insulation in this lightweight batt. The loft retention is excellent.

We suggest washing items made using Tuscany Wool in cool water by hand and laying out flat to dry. If you prefer to wash by machine, place settings on gentle cycle/no spin/cool water. Be especially cautious with front loading washers as the intense spin cycle on these machines can be very hard on quilts. For more detailed washing information see our Frequently Asked Questions. You may experience shrinkage of 3-5% and it may be quilted up to 4” apart.

Pre-Wash: Not Recommended

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