RVS reisbeker Beautiful fabric ... SS267
  • RVS reisbeker Beautiful fabric ... SS267
  • RVS reisbeker Beautiful fabric ... SS267

RVS reisbeker Beautiful fabric ...


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RVS reisbeker met tekst

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RVS reisbeker met aan beide kanten tekst. Kant 1: You can't buy happiness, but you can buy beautiful fabric and that's kinda the same thing. Kant 2: Beautiful fabric. In an effort to embrace the path that leads to happiness, I have established a set of three simple truths: 1. Fabric makes us happy. 2. Fabric is not immoral, illegal or fattening. 3. Having beautiful fabric positively makes our hearts tingle. So, yes we are women on a mission. We are in search of the most magnificently wonderful, fabulously adorable, irresistibly beautiful fabrics on the face of the earth! And if that means we collect a few extra yards along the way ... so be it. So, gather up all that loose change under the sofa cushions, and tucked into pockets of your old purses. Every penny counts when it's something this important! Because although we can't buy happiness, we can buy really, beautiful fabrics ... Van ontwerper Suzy Toronto. 16 oz./45 cl. Roestvrijstalen reisbeker met schroefdeksel, duurzaam, schuifvergrendeling om morsen te voorkomen, dubbelwandig geïsoleerd.

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